New beginnings

On 28th Aug 2016 I picked up my second Russian Black Terrier, Falka, from her breeder. The journey there was extremely long, both literally (over 2,000km one way!) and figuratively (I have been waiting for this particular pup for over a year, with a few more years of planning beforehand). Now, she is here, with me, and I am ready to start our life together. My plans for her are BIG; I want us to compete in obedience and IPO, and possibly, if luck will have it, she will be the start of my own kennel. But most of all, she will be a part of our family.
Because of the tremendous learning curve I have been through with my heart-dog, Yarpen, I want to document our training as well as I can. I am not a trainer and over the last few years I have been humbled by the knowledge and experience of people I have met. Therefore I am quite comfortable in saying that these notes will not be errorless. They will show our efforts, some of the methods we will be using and their results (or lack thereof). This journal is primarily aimed at keeping all those tiny details fresh in my memory, so that, in retrospect, I can analyse and understand what was a good idea and what should be best avoided in the future. I have decided to make these notes public, in hopes there will be someone, somewhere who will find them useful. I will share with you my plans, methods, inspirations, and an occasional product review.

Please feel free to comment on the posts and ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them all.

Happy reading,

From Falka, Yarpen and Joanna!dsc_0068

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