Plans and life

I am a planning person. Just ask my husband, the first thing I do in the morning is to devise a plan for the day. I love making lists, graphs, tables… none of which are usually followed. It is no surprise then that I had a whole list of things planned for the first days and weeks with the pup. I had a socialisation list, training list (divided into core behaviours, tricks and conditioning) and a master plan which would turn my pup into a future rising star of obedience, a world champion of working RBTs. It all started a long time ago of course, but the details started to crystallise after the pregnancy was confirmed in April. With each new book, article and conversation I was adding yet another thing to my “to do” list. Then in July I received some unrelated family news, which turned my world upside down. I do not even know now where all my scrupulously prepared lists are. I picked up the puppy, the blank page, with no idea what I will do with her. And, ironically, this could be the best thing that happened to us. Instead of having a plan and then getting frustrated that I am falling short of it and that there is SOOO much that I missed, now I am just enjoying my pup and working on things as they crop up.

Perhaps my biggest regret for the last 3 weeks is that I have not managed to take a single good video that I could share. Being in an unfamiliar location (I am currently residing at an “abandoned” family property in Poland, waiting through the necessary quarantine period after the rabies vaccination before bringing the pup to the UK) I have made a number of videos which are too dark, a few where I am training about a meter outside of camera’s view and a few where the family dog, a 12 year old foxterier Pusia, is having a close up of her face (or bottom…).DSC_0196.JPG

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