The first two days

I first met Falka when she was 8 weeks and 3 days old. She approached me straight away and cuddled to me. According to Agata (her breeder) it was love at first sight… She was a little wary of Yarpen, who in turn was far more interested in the adult bitch in the house (a lovaboy that he is…), but very quickly she learnt that he is a big softy. It was very hot, so all dogs were rather sluggish, which gave me quite a lot of opportunity to cuddle the little one. This definitely made the transition easier for her the next day, when we started our journey from Zywiec to Poznan.

During the journey, Falka impressed me with her stamina and attitude. We got stuck in traffic, which turned a 4-hour journey into a 9-hour nightmare. In a car without AC and in over 30 degrees heat, she behaved like an experienced traveller, only occasionally making eye contact with me to show me that she needed a stop. During the toilet stops, she was very bright and cheerful, followed Yarpen with tail high up in the air.

Upon arrival, she was a little disoriented with the new people (my parents), new dog (Pusia) and new location. She did not like the crate I had for her for the night at all, and unfortunately we suffered some intestinal upsets. Let outside of the crate she settled almost immediately and slept throughout the nigh.

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