Stem cell therapy – progress

When I wrote the first entry on stem cell therapy for Yarpen’s HD, the plan was that we would probably wait with injection till after Christmas. Luckily, his cells were growing extremely well (which was a nice surprise considering his history of weird ailments!), and we managed to have the procedure done on 23rd Dec. He had the cells injected directly into his hips joints, as well as into the spine around the affected area. This was followed straight away by the first (of 6) laser treatments, with a grade 4 laser

The standard expectation for the improvement is that the dog will show an immediate improvement, followed by a slight dip (still way over the initial status), and a stabilisation which will last for several months to couple of years, depending on various factors.

We are now a week in, with 2 more laser treatments. At the moment Yarpen’s walks are limited to 10min on lead, 3x a day. As such, I can’t really say just yet how much better he is, but I can definitely see a change in his behaviour at home. He is actually naughty… he’s eaten a gingerbread ornament from Christmas tree, something that even Falka didn’t attempt! He’s also now fully expecting that sofa is his dominion (after all, there is the pesky puppy on the floor…) and in general, he’s back to his cheeky old self.

I am very, very happy with the result, as even though it might wear off in time, it gives us the chance to build some of his muscles back with hydro- and physiotherapy. This is such a change compared to the previous status, where due to chronic pain, we couldn’t even attempt the exercises… I am very keen to start him on the new regime when we get an all clear from the vet, especially that his boredom is turning him into a slightly annoying monkey!

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