Falka (Argus Electra Petarda) was born on 28/06/2016 in Argus Electra kennel in Poland, from Argus Electra Jasmine and Highlight vom Dubrava. I have been following her breeder for a long time, and chose her because of the extensive hip and elbow testing history in her lines, as well as the temperament of her dogs. Thus far, Falka is all that I hoped she would be.

The feature photo shows Yarpen (Dinastii the Phenomenal) at the age of nearly 8 years, groomed by Falka’s breeder, Agata Piotrowska. Yarpen was born on 28/09/2008 in Scotland, from Natasha with Love iz Russkoi Dinastii and Dorian iz Russkoi Dinastii. Buying him was a bit of an emotional move, after a heartbreak when a bitch I was waiting for during the extended quarantine procedure was retained by her breeder. Not being able to face another long wait with an unknown outcome, I decided to purchase a pup locally. I knew about health testing of course, but I assumed that even though Yarpen’s parents were not tested, his grandparents were quite popular and produced loads of healthy progeny. I took a gamble… and ended up with the most amazing friend I could ever hope for. Yarpen is and always will be my heart dog and there are no words to describe our relationship. Unfortunately, he also has hip dysplasia (HD) and some other health issues, like e.g. irritable bowel syndrome. Bought as a show and breeding prospect, he was neutered after his HD diagnosis. About that time I have decided to try competitive obedience with him, and I completely fell in love with dog sports. We competed several times, winning out of Pre-beginners and getting 3rd place in Beginners at our first ever show! He even got us 2nd place in our class (highest placing in our team!) at Inter-regional Obedience competition in 2013. We started working Novice in Obedience and were signed up for BH when his dysplasia flared up and Yarpen was retired. Now we do mostly conditioning exercises to keep him mobile, and some nosework and tricks, just for fun.

Dogs are my hobby, passion, obsession, life… It all started before I can remember. We always had dogs, but I took over the care of my first own dog when I was about 12. She was a German Shepherd bitch, a stunning dog, but with severe dog and human aggression, and obsession for sticks (to the point of it becoming an obsessive compulsive disorder). Later, I also owned her son (father unknown, Nekar looked like a husky-sized GSD). Nekar, together with my neighbours malamutes, husky and crosses, formed a part of a mushing team. Later on, the same neighbours introduced me to the world of conformation shows. In 1997, at an International Dog Show in Poznan I saw my first Russian Black Terrier. I was awed, the dogs were absolutely stunning…. But the true love started when I read the breed description, particularly the part about their temperament. This started my obsession with this breed.

Living with my parents, I couldn’t afford an RBT for quite some time, so I spent this time by obsessively learning everything I could about pedigrees, lines and kennels, later also by working at the dog shows in RBT classes, as a scribe. In the meantime, during summer holidays I volunteered (full time) at the local animal shelter. In 2004 I started studying Animal Husbandry in Poland, continued from 2006 in Scotland. In 2008 I graduated as Bachelor of Animal Sciences. I continued my education, finishing my MSc degree with a dissertation on the genetics of elbow dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers. I went on to become a PhD in quantitative genetics, specialising in animal genetics. During my studies I did home-boarding and dog walking as a side job.

At the moment I share my life with my super patient husband Chris, our cat Akira and of course Russians! My free time is pretty much all about dogs; with dog training, workshops and seminars filling my calendar to the brim. Recently I have also started helping out at obedience shows, having stewarded a couple of times (with more appointments for next season). I have also organised my first competitive dog training seminar, which was such a success that I have no other choice but to organise more events!